Why do Thelma’s eyes sparkle so?

I never used to see living in suburbia as my ‘cup of tea’; nevertheless, I have spent most of my life in houses with front and back yards and an Australian suburban street-scape.

Despite my dreams of walking out of my home into a street full of ‘humanity’ rather than machines on wheels and an occasional human being walking a dog, I’ve discovered there can be a lot going for suburbia.

One real delight is getting to know the neighbors even though (or perhaps because) these friendships rarely develop much beyond warm and friendly encounters in the street, brief chats on the nature-strip.

My neighbors help sustain the  love I have for People and Life. They  give me reason to feel blessed.

I recorded the interview below with Thelma.  She speaks about growing up in Colac, and the simple pleasures she and her siblings had in life.

Thelma also remarks on her husband’s attentiveness. Although strong and capable, Thelma let Len (a post-WW 2 Hawthorn footie player) wait on her at times simply because he loved to.  Before Len died, they used to go caravanning, something which Thelma misses greatly.



I wanted to interview Thelma about Life, Love and Happiness.  My unstated question was, What makes your eyes sparkle so?



This slideshow requires JavaScript.





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